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Whether you like your tea made from loose leaves swirling around in a teapot or to dunk a teabag in your mug for a quick break it’s a drink that continues to play an integral part in British life.

At the Coffee House we love tea as well as coffee so our range is carefully sourced by Coffee Care to provide reliable quality however you drink it. Our descriptions are based on the blends and teas that we supply, there are many variations in teas so they can differ. Ultimately though, it all comes down to personal taste so this is just a guide - we actually recommend you make your tea exactly as you like it! All of the loose leaf and tisanes are available to purchase from the counter.


Our Selection of teas

1. Loose Leaf Blends

English Breakfast No.1

English Breakfast No.2

English Breakfast No.3

Russian Caravan Traditional Blend

2. Black Loose Leaf Teas


Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe


Decaffeinated Loose Leaf


Lapsang Souchong

3. Green Loose Leaf Teas

3 Flower Burst – Flower Balls

Formosa Gunpowder Green

Formosa Oolong

Peppermint Green

4. Flavoured Loose Leaf Teas

Blue Lady

Chai Spice

Earl Grey Loose Leaf

Jasmine with flowers

Rose Congou


5. Herbal Teas and Tisanes

Apple and Lemon

Christmas Cookie

Passion Fruit & Orange

Strawberry & Kiwi Fruit

Summer Fruits







Alongside our finest freshly roasted Arabica coffee the Coffee House has the biggest range of loose leaf tea not only in Skipton but fo miles around.


Everything you need to enjoy your te and Coffee at home is available at The coffee House.

From Our Tea pots, strainers, tea bag squeezers to the actual tea its self, we have it all!


We know that the world of tea can be a daunting one, that's why our team of trained and friendly staff are on hand to advise and help you to pick the perfect taste for your perfect cup!