It kind of says it all in our name, we are 'THE' Coffee House, we pride ourselves in servibng only the tastiest coffee, supplied to us from the best of the best. How do you get better than that! The fact that they a literally next door just makes us the perfect team.

All our coffee is provided by Coffee Care Yorkshires leading Coffee suppliers, this year their Rainforest Alliance certified El Salvador Monte Sion Estate coffee was awarded 1 star by the Great Taste Awards.  Beautifully sweet and balanced, with good body it is light and refreshing making it a perfect coffee for all day drinking.

Coffee cares story .....

How it all started

Coffee Care was founded on something very special – one man’s palate and desire to share indulgent quality.  Created in 1983 by Hoteliers Rennick and Christine Hodgson, they wanted to share their ambition to enjoy good quality coffee wherever they went.  Now, joined by the second generation of family and surrounded by a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals, Coffee Care continues to grow in size, expertise and the desire to savour and share good coffee!Back then

The 80s provided quite a different market place for coffee than the espresso led industry of today.  However, some things have not changed as Coffee Care’s ethos was always to supply and blend the finest coffees using knowledge and experience to make quality accessible to all.

The most exciting thing about coffee is that its flavours can vary so greatly depending on its origin, roast, blending and brewing methods. That’s why we offer a large range of coffees with different roast levels, from dark roasted espresso blends to medium roasted blends and single origin beans, some specifically ground for filter or cafetiere and a selection in retail packs for individuals to enjoy at home. To make preparing it easier we pack it in scoop out sachets and portion packs.

Just some of the Coffees we supply...

Espresso Lorenzo - Our best seller with rich, dark chocolate and hazelnut notes which develop into a smooth, nutty milk chocolate finish when milk is added. This dark roast cuts through milk resulting in a blend that is perfect for making cappuccinos and lattes.
Espresso Lorenzo was Coffee Care’s first espresso blend, developed when the espresso market first took off in England.

Café Continental - A rich, dark, intense espresso blend in true Southern Italian style – not for the faint hearted.
A price sensitive blend that has been developed to cut through milk very well when making Cappuccinos and Lattes

Café Provence - A smooth, mellow espresso blend with a hint of chocolaty Mocha – makes a good long coffee such as Americano.

A blend developed to complement French style espresso based drinks.

Caffe Napoli - A soft, chocolaty espresso blend, featuring high quality Mocha coffees similar to those favoured in Central Italy. One of our milder espresso blends.

Caffe San Marino

Caffe Romantica

Coffee Care Fairtrade Espresso

Fairtrade Continental

Organic Espresso

Uncle Sams

Aroma Special Roast

Colombian Special Roast

American Blend

Blue Mountain Blend

Decaffeinated Colombian

Organic Decaf Espresso

Guatemalan Maragogype

Sumatra Mandheling Bold Bean

Three Peaks Blend

Westmorland Blend

Colombian Special Roast FT Organic

El Salvador Monte Sion

Nicaragua Zeledon Estate

Special Blend

Viennese Supreme Blend

Aroma Special Roast Organic

Costa Rica


Kenya AA

Mocha Djimmah


Brazilian Santos

Colombian Medellin

Ethiopian Sidamo

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Kenya Peaberry

Monsoon Malabar

Peruvian Chanchamya