Breakfast Menu




SAMPLE BREAKFAST MENU - Available from 9am-11am

light breakfast £1.25

Portion of 2 slices of whote, wholemeal or granary toast with butter

Plain or cinnamon & raisin Bagel

Croissant served with Butter (25p additional jam)

Portion of 2 crumpets served with butter (25p addtional jam)

Porridge served with hot/cold milk (50p for addtional honey)

Cooked Breakfast

Bacon Muffin £3.00

Thick cut bacon rashes on a soft buttered walkers bakery oven muffin.

mushroom/egg/tomato (50p for addtional toppings)

Brunch Muffin £4.20 

Bacon, mushrooms and egg mixed with dijon mayo served on a toasted oven bottom muffin

Salmon and scrambled egg £4.20

Scottish oak smoked salmon with lightly scrambled egg served on toast, bagel, croissant OR muffin

Cheese on toast £1.70 

White, wholemeal or granary toast topped with wensleydale and red cheddar

tomato / beans (50p additional topping)

Eggs on Toast £2.20

Free range poached or scrambled eggs served on buttered white, wholemeal OR granary toast (50p for addtional baked beans )

All subject to availability ....